Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some More Brugmansias

A kind GCS friend of mind passed me three brugmansias some months ago and here they are in the CG growing in their individual pots. I thought the brugmansia plant had some kind of poisonous substance but it doesn't seem to deter grasshoppers and beetles from feeding on their leaves. My two earlier brugs had been attacked by these insects and somehow the growth of the plant is slowed down. I really hope the ones here would do better since they are the local growing variety. Maybe need to feed more compost and chix dung to them.

Below are photos taken from the GCS forum. These brugs are grown in Singapore by GCS members. Look how well they do in our weather here. So it's possible to grow them here. It's important to find the right spot for them to grow in the garden. They need lots of sunlight and a cooling place somewhere in the CG. They are heavy feeders too.

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