Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hoya Trellis

Just last week I managed to strengthen the existing bamboo trellis near the area where the hanging pot trellis is. Now it's ready to take in the recycled pet bottles of hoya stem cuttings that I have been rooting for the CG. In addition I also have some common Nepenthes hanging in their pet bottles. These are pretty young vines and they need a year or so of growing to do before they will flower for the CG. So sending out lots of best wishes for them to grow well.

This hanging pot trellis used to be the so called vertical garden trellis that I tried to build. However the idea didn't work out well and the idea was abandoned. So now I can hang pots of hoyas, nepenthes and even Euphorbia mili to grow here. I must say the Euphorbia mili grows well here but not in other parts of the CG. I tried growing them in the ground but the ground is usually too wet during the rainy season and they usually rot away. So I grow them in hanging pots away from the ground. They even flowered for me here. So now I try to grow more pots of Euphorbia mili to make the area a little more colorful while waiting for the hoya vines to grow.

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