Monday, November 8, 2010

Brugmansias Buds Bloomed!

I remember it was only in August this year when I planted the one foot high plants into the ground. I thought I had to wait for a year before I could see flowers. But last week when I checked the plants I noticed that one of them had something different growing and realised that these were flower buds. Due to the rains I noticed that some buds had also dropped off. On Sunday evening I was greeted by two CGers who were working in the CG and they said that the flowers are very pretty as they had never seen such kinds of flowers before. One of them even asked if she could have a pot of such a plant and I just frowned at her ... LOL

These blooms greeted my dd and I when we visited the CG to do weeding. Dd was so curious and even took one of the flowers to sniff for fragrance .... it's sort of lemony she said. I did like wise and well .... the fragrance was very light. Maybe got to sniff the flowers sometime in the night to breathe in the more concentrated scent. Who knows ... and maybe then you find some strange on goings in the CG in the night ..... LOL
(It was written somewhere that the brugmansia flowers when eaten or sniffed at can produce a high in the human brain. The plant is not edible.)