Friday, December 10, 2010

TIFE Pt.9 The Immortal Flower

This is my first encounter with the Immortal Flowers. The process is described here below and of course the trade secret is not revealed. What I saw were life like flowers and plants in sealed containers. I wondered how long have they been in those containers. I asked again... how long will they last till the first deterioration sets in. Really immortal .... well no one was there to answer those questions.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

TIFE Pt.8 Rare Plants in Pavilion of the Future

Sharing here some rare plants displayed at this pavilion. Some of these plants displayed here are found in the Tropical Forests and the Mountainous and cold zones in the region. When I saw some these 'rare 'plants , I thought to myself ..... "gosh .... I see these every day here at home."

So those I will not show case here in the blog .... LOL

Pics here are those that I rarely, seldom, never or hardly see ..... LOL

The above description for the pic below .....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TIFE Pt.7 Bonsai at Pavilion of Regimen Gate 4

Although I am not a Bonsai Fan, I queued to enter this garden to see the medicinal herbs that grew together with the bonsai displays. I am impressed with they way the bonsai plants were displayed. There is a long history about the bonsais there and the age ranges from 60 years old bonsai trees to a 300 years old bonsai tree. No one was allowed to take a photo of the three hundred year old Bonsai Tree.It was kept in the main display area and there was a guide stationed there to explain it's form.
it was a huge and beautiful Bonsai Tree.

Below are the pics taken in the bonsai garden where the supposedly less impressive specimens are left to grow in their time. The pots of bonsai take turns to bask in the sun throughout the year. Noticed I never mentioned anything about the herbs growing in the garden ? Well when herbs are grown next to a majestic bonsai plant .... what would you be impressed with ?... LOL

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TIFE Pt.6 Xinsheng Park

Entrance to this park is at Gate 4. The main attraction is the two whale plant sculptures and one of them has a red belly made up of entirely red Earth Stars.

What I see special about this park is the different types of Lillies that are planted along the walkways. They all emit a fragrance which is intoxicating. When you walk past them, you can smell the fragrance around you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

TIFE Pt.5 Gardening Competition

Took the bus shuttle from the Yuanshan Park station and alighted at Gate 5. This was where the Taipei Gardening Community had their landscape competition displayed. Some ideas are new and some are traditional. Still there are ideas to gain and appreciate.