Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hibiscus Propagation

With the many cuttings my friend passed to me I separated them into four bottles hoping to put the same kind of hibiscus looking stems together but it was difficult. Nevertheless I soaked the stem cuttings for about a week till I see the whitish looking stuff growing out of the stem bark.
I changed the water when it turned smelly which was on alternate days.

Here below you see the whitish looking stuff and the old leaves on the stems had all dropped off and the new leaves emerged.

The stems that were pencil thick like this one below I potted into individual cups using well drained soil.

Those that were not as thick I was advised to pot them up all together like that below.

They are all in bright light under a green netting and the waiting begins ......
The last time I checked they all looked good and I have shifted them into an area where they will receive direct morning sun for a couple of hours.

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