Thursday, November 19, 2009


Out of the six seeds I got from a forumer only one managed to survive this far. The leaves are large so I guess this would be the normal sized fruit. Now I wonder if it's the Jade or the Green fruit I will be getting. Stay tune!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes ventrata)

I saved this pitcher some time ago from a certain death due to neglect at the Passion fruit canopy. I cut off all the dead and dying stems and pitchers and left the entire pot hanging at a new area in the fruit trees area where I built the hanging pot frame. I just kept watering the pot for a couple of months. Slowly and surely I see new stems growing and with them new pitchers too and these pitchers are red due to the sunlight that they are getting from this spot. I also tried propagating the plant using stem cuttings and these are also pitchering in my home. However the pitchers in my bright balcony are green in color and lack the redness that I see in the pitchers in the CG.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Cucumber Vines Once More

I have three cucumber vines growing in the CG with lots of flowers at the moment. The pics here were taken quite sometime back.

I also planted the maple leaf shaped potato vines given to me by a kind GCS member. They act as pretty ground cover plants.

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Radishes Galore

One of my CGer was so happy when she saw the white roots popping out of the soil and we have a whole planter of them. These were planted from seeds from what I heard. However the rains during the last couple of days are pretty damaging to the root veges here. Some of the matured ones are rotting away and we've got to wait till Saturday afternoon to harvest due to the internal CG competition judging.

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Giant Hairy Marrow Fruit

Oh gosh another giant fruit here from the previous vine which my neighbour was taking care of.
This pic was taken last week and today I checked the fruit again and it looked even bigger.
I playfully extended my palms to measure the fruit and it's my three palms size in length.
I noticed that when a vine fruits this way the vine usually has a single fruit growing and no others. I hope that we can get lots of seeds from this fruit!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smooth Luffa Fruits

From the ten luffa seedlings that I planted, five of them managed to grow into adult vines to flower and fruit for the CG. At the moment I have seven luffa fruits and four living vines cos' I discovered one vine got cut off during a grass cutting session the previous day. So I cut down the two fruits to allow the other fruits to mature better and my fellow CGer got rewarded with the two luffas :-) See the happy smile there but she got a bit shy when I took her photo again ... LOL.

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My fellow CGer was more upset then me when she discovered that one of the luffa vine got cut off and decided to help me clean the area of grass and set up a barrier to protect the luffa vine. Meanwhile the area cleaner got curious and got to observe what she was doing.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marigold Blooms

Marigolds are blooming full scale for a couple of plants in the CG. I have to trim them back and also stake them upright cos' they are getting too heavy at the top. Whenever there is rain and wind they tend to bend over low. What do I do with those branches which I cut off? I gave them to my fellow CGer .... this aunty loves the fragrance of the Marigold plants. See how happy she is to receive them from me :-)

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Monday, November 2, 2009

DIY Garden Visitors Deco Panel

Finally another DIY garden deco completed. This time I used the CDs to make mosaics of garden visitors. Hope that this deco panel can make the fencing a little more inviting to the eyes.


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Adenium Update 5th Mth.

Here's an update about a month later ..... the seedlings have branched off after getting their top chopped. Oh how I love the bushy leave effect at this moment. They do look kinda cute. I heard that it takes about nine months for the plant to grow from seedling to the flowering stage. So I got to wait till about end Feb. 2010 before I can see any flowers from mine ... that is if they can survive till then.

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