Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love My Community Garden Learning Trip Pt.2

In the learning trip the students had the chance to taste first hand some kaffir lime leaves and the rose cactus leaves. They also had the chance to touch the various kinds of leaves with different textures at the episcia corner. Some students gamely tasted the raw leaves and didn't like the taste took to gulping down some water to wash away the taste. They surely look a sight as their friends were laughing at their expressions.

Here was the display of other ways of using the pet bottles.

Students were grouped together to plant their vegetable seeds in their 'adopt-a-pot' project.

Students taking a breather to pose for a group photo. A bird's eye view of the community garden in the hot afternoon.

I Love My Community Garden Learning Trip Pt.1

On the 30th of March the CG entertained a class of Primary 4 students from Xinmin Primary school. This visit was part of the Community in Bloom - in the Heartlands ..... to bring the students closer to the community. The students were introduced to the garden and were given a briefing on some of the vegetables , medicinal and flowering plants that grew in the garden. After that they had a chance to do some hands on .... weeding the pots and watering the vegetable plots. Then they also had the chance to plant vegetable seeds in their own 'adopt-a-pot' program. After planting the seeds the students would take the pots back to school to nuture the germinated seeds and then harvest their vegetable. A booklet was prepared for the students to do an exercise to help them remember what they had learned about the CG. This exercise had given the community gardeners another dimension of community gardening to reach out to the young in the community. This was possible through the liason officer from HDB who made the first contact with the CG. This was indeed a positive experience for all of us ... so thanks Jessica for making this possible. Arrival of students to Wu Wo Yuan ..... Aunty Iris briefing the students about the vegetable plot.

Watering activity using a recycled pet bottle.