Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hibiscus Oiseau Bleu

I am blessed to have another friend in GCS who gave me a rooted cutting of this lovely hibiscus.
The leaves are so different from the normal ones that I usually see in a hibiscus plant. So I treated it with garbage enzyme to rid it off whatever bugs if there were any and then repotted it into soil rich in compost material. I even fed it twice with rich protein soy milk .... LOL I really hope it will grow well for it to flower in a year's time.

Below was the pic taken from my friend's thread. The hibiscus flower in purple blue. such a sweet color.

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Bilboy said...


What you have here is a Hibiscus syriacus and it is not the 'Oiseau Bleu' cultivar, 'Oiseau Bleu' (French) means 'Blue Bird' and the flowers are 'almost' blue as seen here:
This is not a tropical plant and needs some winter rest for growing healthy...