Friday, July 9, 2010

Hibiscus 'Coppertone' False Roselle

I got this from a friend as a cutting and planted it in a pot and then transferred the plant to the planter bed after about half a year. The leaves are beautifully reddened under the sun and that is the reason it's called Coppertone Hibiscus. During these couple of months the plant had flowered and fruited a number of times in the pot. I sowed some of the seeds when I found some tiny seed pods and two plantlets grew beneath the mother plant. I transplanted the baby plantlets and now I have three ..... Coppertone Hibiscus plants :-)

I heard that the leaves of this hibiscus can be eaten. They are usually eaten in salads and have a tangy taste to them. Will try some one of these days.

These baby plants below were grown from seeds of the mother plant.

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