Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hibiscus Orange

Last year during a GCS gathering another kind friend gave me a number of her orange hibiscus cuttings. I was just learning about growing the hibiscus plant. Many of the thin cuttings failed to root and on my part with so much to do in the CG I neglected them too. Some how the thicker and stronger cutting manged to survive and I repotted it into a larger pot. It has even flowered a couple of times for me but I did not take photo of the blooms. Now I got to wait all over again for the blooms cos' the plant was infested with mealy bugs again. Somehow I think this plant is a mealy bug magnet. So out with my garbage enzyme washed and washed off the bugs, trimmed off the shoots that were badly infested. Now gonna watch this plant like a hawk till it flowers for me again.

Update on 19th Jul 2010 ..... the plant has a single bloom and another couple of buds growing.

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