Friday, October 23, 2009

Vent 1 .... Ripped Off

This lovely Pink Mirabilis Hedge was ripped off on either Monday night or early Tuesday morning. I believe the 'demons' are at play again. .... haiz! This hedge had given the children in the neighbourhood great joy cos' they picked the seeds and the flowers and sometimes just pause to look at it. Even adults look at the lovely flowers cos' the plants had been blooming almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks. Now it's gone overnight. I guess some person or persons in the community felt threatened by the lovely hedge .... a psycho perhaps or even worse ... one with an unpeaceful heart or an unforgiving heart that the person/persons had to take it out on the hedge.


So now the hedge looks like this ..... it got us thinking what to plant again, recondition the soil and make it better.

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J.C. said...

What a terrible person who would rip off these beautiful growing plant!!

edith said...

OMG, the plant seems to be a big one. Definitely the doing of an idiotic adult.