Saturday, October 31, 2009

French Bean Trellis

We are growing the french beans again. This time we built a bigger trellis for it. The idea of the trellis was obtained from a visit to Hort Park (without the second layer). The frame was built using bamboo poles and I wanted to string the frames with blue raffia to make the netting. However my CGer wanted the second layer built and it was done without me knowing. That is why you don't see the blue raffia netting as I stopped building the netting after the top raffia string was done. My CGer thought that the french bean plant would branch out somewhere and take over the second layer. I didn't agree with her but I didn't want to argue with an elderly lady. I observed from the previous experience that the bean plant tend to just grow straight without branching halfway. So let's just observe the bean plant growing.

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Now you see the bean plants have reached the top of the trellis. They didn't branch out to take the second layer built by my CGer. So one evening while we were looking at the plants, I asked her to look at the bean plant trellis. I casually said to her .... you know the bean plants like my "penthouse" on the trellis. They don't like you second story house. And of course .... we both had a hearty laugh about it.

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