Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marigold Giants

These Marigolds were planted in the centre of each vegetable planter. Now after so many months of downing chix poo and compost from the nearby vegetable feeds, they have grown to my chest level. I was pretty surprised to see Marigolds this tall.

Recently I was voicing out my frustration to a friend who visited the CG ...... about these tall growing Marigolds and was wondering how to make them flower since they have been enjoying the chix poo meals regularly which make them grow leaves and make them grow taller only.
My friend suggested to me to foliar feed them with diluted coca cola! LOL I did not .... but I did foliar feed them with phostrogen and I see positive flowering results. But phostrogen is expensive. Maybe will try it with diluted coke next :-)
I will definitely get their flowering pics in the next couple of days.

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Here are their flowering pics .... and they will bloom more in the following days to come.

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