Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIY Sun Catchers

I trawled the net to get some ideas for garden decoration using recyclable material and came across many interesting ones. One of them is using CDs to make sun catchers like the pics below.
A sun catcher reflects light and in this way it distracts the birds that wanna disturb the plants ... hopefully ... but they do make a pretty sight with the reflective beads added.

This was what I did .....

Glued two pieces of CD together with their reflective surfaces facing outwards using Lawn & Garden glue.
I glued a Japanese one yen coin in the centre to cover the hole and also some red x'mas deco beads around the hole.
After the set up had dried out I punched the four holes on the CDs using a large metal paper hole puncher.
Then I strung beads together in their various combinations with nylon strings and also copper wires. The nylon strings gave the strung up beads a life of their cos' they tend to bend and not straighten out like those strung up beads on the copper wires.

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Once all five sets of sun catchers were completed, I set them up for display using and old bicycle wheel sitting on top of four bamboo poles. I didn't realize that the spokes were angled downwards and after setting up the display for a day the sun catchers all moved to the center of the spokes .... LOL . So now I get them to stay in place by wiring them to the rubber tire on the side. Now the sun catcher set up is standing on the succulent and cacti patch

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EJ said...

Creative way to recycle old cds! I think sun catchers are great in every outdoor space like a garden but you should see these wind spinners, they're positively dazzling!