Thursday, October 29, 2009

Succulent Patch

..... and the Dracaenacea too. This is an accidental patch created cos' my neighbour moved the two medicinal herb cactii to this plot. After thinking about what else to plant .... it was decided to put plants with the same kind of water and sunlight requirements at this plot. Hence the CnS Patch is borned.

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Here below we have ......
(top L) the Zig Zag Plant (Pidilanthes titymaloides)
(bottom L)Pony Tail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)
Centre (Pereskia grandiflora)
Right (Sanseviera cylindrica).

Over here below we have (top L-R)
Mother-in-law's tongue (Sanseviera trifasciata), (Euphorbia lactea).
(Bottom L-R) Aloe vera, Rose cactus (Pereskia bleu), Euphorbia millii.

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