Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long Beans On A Trellis

Here's how the vines got spread around on the trellis. I removed the bamboo poles cos' there was not enough to build. Instead I burried broken clay pieces after tying them with blue raffia strings and attached the raffia strings to the top of the trellis. This will enable the vines to climb up and then later the vines may cross over to the other side of the trellis.
On this trellis I have red long beans gotten from Little Thailand and also a kind GCS member. There is also the green long beans which I bought from the supermarket and managed to germinate them successfuly. Now I wonder if the red and green long beans would cross-pollinate to give another kind of long beans with red and green coloration .... maybe wishful thinking LOL
I always let my impatience get the better of me. Somehow I messed up the planting location of both kinds of long beans. I will be happy as long as the plants produce some edible long beans for us here in the CG.
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