Monday, May 25, 2009

Cooking Gingers

At the shadiest part of the CG, I've decided to grow some gingers cos I heard that they tend to grow well there. So here's yellow ginger planted and the leaves took quite sometime to appear. Although I have planted more than ten rhizomes, not all of them grew leaves.


Below is the row of 'tom yum' ginger. I bought the rhizomes from 'Little Thailand'. That row grew leaves in no time. They seem to be the easiest to grow here and the ginger is sort of whitish in color.


Here is the lovely leaf from the tumeric ginger. The rhizome was also from 'Little Thailand'. They grow oh so slowly.

Below is the 'blue ginger' which I got from a GCS member when I first joined the CG. It was actually delivered to me by another GCS member. Such a generous community of forumers who helped one another.

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I was looking at the three ginger plants and I think they all sort of look alike in appearance.
Now maybe gotto look forward to them flowering to see their differences.

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