Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rock Melon

I bought a Cantaloupe or Rock Melon from the supermarket to eat and found it pretty sweet. I dream of planting this in the CG and so tried to germinate a handful of the seeds which I saved from the rock melon I ate. I was surprised that they could germinate so easily. I have planted eight seedlings in the CG. I wonder how many can survive to bear fruits for me LOL.
Sending good vibes to the rock melon to grow, and grow :-) Stay tune for updates.

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Savvy Mummy said...

I tried growing melons like you did. They sprang up really well and grew well but the few little fruits fell off. I had to pull all of them up from my vegetable patch. Make sure you give seasol (seaweed solution) to them. THey need bees for pollination. :)

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Savvy Mummy
Thanks for your tip here :-)
The rock melon plantlets are not doing well due to the weather. It's too hot where I planted them cos' the leaves are turning pale greenish yellow ...haiz!