Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marigold (Boy O Boy)

I bought a packet of seeds from the supermarket and sowed the entire packet. Only five seeds germinated from the entire packet of I don't know how many seeds ...haiz!
I didn't want to give up so I tried my best to make sure the five seedlings grew strong enough to be transplanted to the CG. Now they are growing larger leaves and the last time I checked on them ...they are getting even larger by the day. I wonder if I'm growing a giant Marigold. Keeping my fingers cross for them to survive and bear flowers.

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J.C. said...

I have sowed many marigold seeds today and last week. Saw some seedlings sowed last week appearing. It's my first time growing marigold. I love the flowers from your garden. I hope my seeds would germinate and grow to produce flowers like yours. They are such bright flowers. I grow them as I found out they help to repel mosquitoes. Good luck to both of us!