Monday, March 2, 2009

Morning Glories

Some months back, I picked up some wild Morning Glory vines that was growing on a patch of vacant land. I soaked the vines in water for a couple of days before planting them near the CG fence. My neighbour helped me to fertilise them a couple of times and then I forgot about them.
I realised they were flowering during this period and I felt really happy about them.

Now I have a vision of that part of the fence being covered by Morning Glory flowers in a riot of colors. Let see if this vision can come true. I bought some assorted Morning Glory seeds and also obtained seeds via SASE from Maeyi who is a member of GCS. Maeyi posted the beautiful Morning Glory flowers that she grew in her garden and I hope to have success with them too.

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Here were the assorted Morning Glory seedlings that I germinated. Some looked pretty healthy and some were not. Let's see how they grow in the garden.

Here the first batch of seedlings had been planted near the CG fence. Sending good vibes for them to grow.

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Here were the seedlings from Maeyi's batch of seeds ...the red and blue Morning Glories. They have also been planted near the CG fence.

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The last time I saw them Morning glory seedlings .... some of the leaves got insect bitten holes. Let's hope that the vines will grow faster than the insects eating them LOL. Maybe I should spray some insect repellent oil on the batch of Morning Glory seedlings. I only hope that they can withstand the oil emulsion and come out of spraying unaffected.

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