Monday, March 23, 2009

Phoenix Pumpkin update

The two plants seem to be growing stronger by the day, though their growth had been delayed by a month cos' I left them too long at home without sufficient light to grow well. Let's hope that they will continue to grow even stronger and bear fruit.
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Update 14/04/09
The vines are growing more and more leaves each day and they are filling up this part of the planter bed. The pumpkin vine will be allowed to crawl on the planter bed till the fruits are formed.

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I saw a couple of flowers when I visited the garden in the evening. Let's see what happens from now onwards.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Chawanmushi,

I am Lily and from Malaysia, I am sorry to address you as Ms Chawanmushi but I don't know your real name and I am just following the name inside your blog.
Yesterday my mom bought a pumpkin and when she cut it open, I took some of the seed. I just planted the seed in a small pot and I am not sure whether pumpkin propagated from this way. I have soak the seed like 12 hours before I put them on the soil.
I would like to inquire whether have you ever propagate any pumpkin in this way? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Chawanmushi said...

hiya Lily
I see another interested pumpkin grower :-) As you have done it this way ... let's just wait and see if the pumpkin can germinate.It takes about a week for the seeds to germinate and do keep the seeds moist ...don't let them dry out or get fried by the hot sun. Do read up write ups about growing pumpkins ...can refer to my links here. It's also my first time grwoing them so I'm also learning at the same time. Wish you good luck on your pumpkin growing adventure.