Monday, April 6, 2009

Red and Green Long Beans

I have learned to eat long beans by chopping them up and then frying them into an omellette.
So I dreamt about planting them in the CG. I went to Golden Mile Complex and got myself a bunch of red long beans. I reserved three strings to allow them to age to get the seeds for planting, gave some to my neighbour and cooked the rest. I also bought a packet of green long beans and did the same.
I learned that I need to allow the beans to age in the pods for about a week, then dehydrate them by leaving the seeds in the open for a couple of days before soaking them and then planting them in the soil. This will allow more success rate in their germination. If I plant the beans straight from the pod, most of the beans tend to rot away in the moist and wet medium.
So here I managed to have a couple of both types of beans growing at this trellis that I have built into the planter bed. They are getting bushier by the day. Stay tuned for updates.

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