Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pelargonium citronella (Mosquito Plant)

I bought this from FEF at Hort Park and donated it to the CG when I was first involved in helping out in the CG. It was growing pretty well in full sun. When a shade was built over the area where this plant was growing, I noticed that the leaves started to grow a lighter green.
I also tried to propagate this plant via stem cuttings .... I tried to root the stems in soil as well as perlite .... both attempts resulted in failing to root the stems. I'm wondering if i should try again. Now I managed to transplant this to an area with full sun and it's suffering from transplantation shock!
My dear plant .... please don't die on me.

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J.C. said...

I bought a pot of citronella once and put it under the sun. The scorching heat roasted my plant brown and it wilted. No CPR could resuscitate it. That's how I lost it!

How sad, coz I waz hoping to propagate a lot of them and thus can use them to prevent mosquitoes in my garden.