Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pink Mirabilis Row Attention!

The row of pink Mirabilis has materialised. They are flowering prettily and non-stop too. When I stand outside the CG and see the pinkies through the green fence, there is a sense of satisfaction.

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I remember someone told me that the local Mirabilis grown in Singapore has no fragrance.
As the Mirabilis in the CG are flowering profusely and also seeding quite a lot too, I decided to gather the seeds to give away to visitors to my CG. I had to pluck out the seeds and literally put my nose into the flowering plants. I noticed a very nice and light fragrance that is coming from the flowers near my face. I can definitely confirm that the Mirabilis I have in the CG gives off a fragrance .... light and fresh!


M said...

Hi - just in case you're not aware - both the seeds and tubers of the mirablis are poisonous.

Chawanmushi said...

Thanks M for letting us know here. Don't worry, no one eats this plant here. It's basically grown for the pretty flowers :-)