Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Curry Plant .... dying!

I know when I see flowers of a herbaceous plant .... they will then die back after a while. So here is the Curry Plant in the CG ..... the creamy flowers are going to bloom and I will wait for the seeds and collect them and start anew. It was doing very well a couple of months back and then we needed to install another tap at the CG. The tap is just next to this only curry plant in the CG and I have sounded out my concern to my neighbour. It is dying a slow death as I can see the plant gets weeker by the day because of the water logging condition in the soil and more water runoffs from the tap as more people have been coming in to help in the CG .... haiz! Now I only wait for the inevitable to happen and yes .... the seeds, must remember to collect them.



Blur Ting said...

Our curry plants at home are always flowering but they don't die. Sometimes the leaves turn rusty for some time but they usually revert back to normal after a while.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Blur Ting
Thanks for letting me know :-)
The curry leaves has been gradually turning a yellow green coloration and I also noticed the stem growing weeker.

I just wonder if I can transplant the plant to another location without it dying on me ...

edith said...

Oh dear, I just threw away all the seeds. Didn't know I have to keep it.

Does this plant needs plenty of sunlight or must be in the shade.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi Edith
The curry plant grows well in sunlight. Usually edibles grow well in direct sunlight.