Sunday, December 14, 2008

My planted ones part 1

I'm going on a two weeks break and so I'm recording the plants that I planted so far in the CG.

This lot of Aloe vera was given to the CG by Serene. We had been trying to grow aloe veras earlier but they all rotted away as the soil was too wet due to the rainy season we're experiencing. With this lot of aloe veras, I'm trying again to grow them again. This time I build a mound to plant them on top and also plant one of them in a pot. This trick I learn from HL when I visited the Bishan Herbs Garden. Let's see if they survive after I come back.

Update 7/1/09 .... Someone removed the pot from the aloe vera and planted it into the ground.
I see the plants turning yellowish green. The rest are not doing well.

Boat Lilies planted some two weeks ago seem to be growing quite well with the rain and the sunshine it's getting. It's even flowering now.

Update 7/1/09 ... Boat Lilies are still growing.

This Cymbopogon was donated by Herb Lover to the CG. Planted two weeks ago, it seems to be doing well too cos' it hasn't died on me yet.

Update 7/1/09 ... Cymbopogon is growing well as I can see it becoming more leafy.

This Mirabilis was given to the CG by Irene from my dd's Kindy. It is doing well. I planted it about a month ago. I have the yellow and the red variety.

Update 7/1/09 ... Mirabilis is doing very well. They have grown bigger and became more leafy. I saw some red flower buds too checking them today.

This is the lime cutting I planted a week ago. The cutting was in water for about two weeks and yet there were no roots growing but the two leaves didn't turn yellow. I scraped out the green bark on the stem and planted it straight into the soil. Let's see how it goes.

Update 7/1/09 ... The lime cutting had rotted away.

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