Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kampong gardening

Whenever I walk along this stretch of walkway along the two blocks I'm greeted with this sight.

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The history of the area has it that the people living here were relocated from the farms in Punggol and hence this gardening habit had also moved along with them. This stretch of walkway has the full blast of the morning sun and the greenary here provides some relief from the morning heat. I feel it too and I usually make my detour to the back of the block LOL.
When walking along this stretch I see the familiar culinary herbs like chilli, lemon grass, pandan plant and lime. I noticed medicinal herbs too like the Boat Lily and Rose Cactus. There is always the familiar banana suckers, papaya trees and tapiocas too. Some even grow Sweet potatoes. There is also a Mango tree in front of the ground floor flat. I see Hibiscus, Bougainvillas, Bryophyllum, Insectivorous plants like the Venus flytrap and the Nepenthes and Cactus too. There are many more ....
When the rain comes, the familiar buckets will make their appearance and rain water collected would be used for washing the corridors and maybe watering the plants at a later date. There was this case where one of the neighbours collected so many buckets of water that he couldn't remember where he left these water filled buckets. A bucket was left somewhere breeding mosquito larvae. When the Environment Authority came to check cos' the area had dengue cases he was fined $200 for breeding them mosquito larvae.

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