Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bishan Herb Garden

Saturday afternoon found dh and I trying to locate the year old Bishan Herb Garden. After about an hour of trial and error going to different parts of the park ... Bishan Park is not small and there are two parks ... Park 1 and Park 2, we finally found it located at Park 2 which is in the area after the Dog Run compound. Since we had to drive back to Park 2, dh decided to park at the HDB carpark at Blk 333 AMK Ave. 1 and we walked over the bridge towards the garden entrance. Look at the sign board and do remember the opening times .... we had a peak from the outside only and it was just like a jungle in there. Lush and green and really messy and I thought that my CG garden was messy LOL.

Here's a preview of what's to come .... so many medicinal herbs and I can recognise some of the ones I have in the CG. Some have labels and some do not. The scientific herb names in English are there on the labels and the common names and the uses of the herbs are in Chinese.
So poor me, who can't read the chinese characters will have to depend on some kind soul to translate for me.... haiz!
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