Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bishan Herb Garden Again

Sunday found me back at the garden again but this time with friends from Green Culture .... in the likes of Petunia, Serene, and Karen. Richard was there to show us around and there was Derrick and a couple of uncles who were users of some of these herbs that are growing in the garden. It was enlightening to hear so much from them.

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Here were the three plants that I learned about. The Stevia plant has it's uses for diabetics. I plucked out a leaf to taste and found it has a certain kind of natural sweetness. The Wedelia can be used as a flu medication and with the Spilanthes flower when I bit into it ... released a certain chemical that numbs the tongue. It is said to be good for toothaches and swollen gums.

Oh ... I even had a chance to drink 'liang teh' ... prepared by using the 'Poor man's ginseng' which is the Gynostemna pentaphyllus and the pandan leaves boiled a couple of hours together. This plant I've seen it in the CG.It is said to have anti-cancer properties. Here's the pic I got from Serene and the Liang teh I drank.

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