Thursday, January 13, 2011

White Hibiscus Flowers (Updating)

The hibiscus cuttings have grown into bigger plants by now. They have also budded and bloomed a couple of times in the CG. I noticed that the plant can flower at such a short height (30 cm tall). During the last round of fertilizer feeding, I pushed some frozen banana skins into the soil. Banana skins are high in potassium and this is good for growing better quality flowers. I noticed that the white flower petals are not as thin and translucent as the orange hibiscus I grow in the CG.
To my hibiscus cutting donor .... looks like many of the cuttings turned out to bloom the white flower with the blood red centre. I believe I have about 8 pots of them ... LOL

1 comment:

p3chandan said...

Your hibiscus really 'menjadi' and blooming so nicely.Seldom see that white with red centre.