Monday, January 10, 2011

Adenium Update 17th Month

Finally after waiting for 17 months the first signs of an adenium bloom surfaced. I believe there are a couple more coming up too. Rejoice!
Just for the record .... this batch of adeniums had undergone a couple of times being botak because of caterpillar attack. This is especially so during the rainy season cos' usually after the rains the butterflies would come to lay their eggs on the leaves.


p3chandan said...

Quite a few blooms coming out to usher the Chinese New Year! Mine I chopped off all old branches until it has gone completely bald so that new ones will shoot out, so waiting for it to bloom too, but I hope not that long...17 months!

Stephanie said...

Your adeniums are look promising :-D Just beware of the rain. When mine bloomed for the first time a few months ago, after growing it more than a year... the rain came down and smashed the flower. Now I have to wait for its second round for a good shot...

Chawanmushi said...

Thanks for visiting p3chandan and Stephanie :-)

pechandan ... the adeniums are grown from seeds ...that's why 17mths needed. I think growing the leaves will definitely be faster.
So don't worry. The ades actually went botak a couple of times so I can vouch that they regrow quite fast.

Stephanie ....We are experiencing lots of rains this season, the flower already bloomed and smashed. Lucky I took a shot. Will post when ready. A lot of blooms are actually destroyed by the rains. I wonder if there are rain proof flowers to grow. LOL