Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Episcias Corner in the CG

I have set up an Episcia Corner in the CG and here I hang my pots of episcias which are grown from stolons. Some of them like the spot and some don't. Those that can thrive here will also flower here eventually. Let's see how the episcias like the environment since they have been growing here for about three months. Some them them need to adapt to the environment by growing new leaves and deteriorating the old ones. They sort of 'resurrect' from a short stalk and give you a nice surprise.

Below are the ones that flowered over the three months under the green canopy. Enjoy!

Pic below is Episcia Kee Wee.

Pic below is Episcia Warpaint.

Pic below is Lady Amazon.

Pic below is Episcia Burning Embers.

Pic below is Episcia Lil' Lemon which is grown under a tree in an old rubber tyre planter.

Pic below is Episcia Faded Jade.

Pic below is Episcia Pink Panther which was resurrected after the leaves were masively pruned down to get rid of the mealy bugs.

Pic below is Episcia Tropical Topaz.

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