Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hoya'd Fence

The Hoya Trellis in the CG has been deconstructed all because of a thunder stormed that happened some time ago. The significant bamboo pole broke into two and the whole trellis came tumbling down. So now the hoyas in their bottles hang on the green fencing and I don't know how long they will do that cos' there's simply no budget to buy better materials to build another trellis. But I must they do actually look so much neater this way and I really don't mind them hanging like this.

Pic below show some hoya leaves getting a red coloration. They do bring out the contrast against the green majority.

Pics below show the hoyas blooming away. They do like the shaded area where the afternoon sun shine for a couple of hours.


Stephanie said...

Wow you have a good collection of hoyas. There is one hoya (I think it should be diversifolia) that can be grown in full sun. I have one pot growing in my garden. Link below has pics of my mum's...

It's a beautiful sight when the vine is in bloom :-D

Btw, Episcia Lil' Lemon is pretty with pink flowers. I don't have this one.

Chawanmushi said...

Thanks for visiting Stepahnie :-)
I saw the pics in your write ... wow ... made me feel like growing the hoya on the fence. The blooms look so pretty hanging on the fence.

As for the Lil'Lemon, I believe this can be bought easily in a nursery that sells episcias. It is the most hardy of all the episcias I have grown and the most common and easily found. There shouldn't be a problem looking for it I hope where you are.