Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pumpkin Vines

I love to look at the lush vines of the pumpkin in the CG and it has new shoots climbing up my MG trellis. Sooner or later it's gonna over run the small trellis and the life of the MG may be suffocated. My original intention was to just let the vines grow on the ground and make the vines go round the planter bed. Looks like the vines have a 'mind' of their own LOL.

About the female flowers .... they did appear but for a short while and they don't bloom cos' most of them somehow self abort. How now? I see the many male flowers blooming away again at this time of the year. The vines always turn more lush after adding new compost to the planter bed.
Female pumpkin flowers .... where are you?



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