Sunday, July 5, 2009

CG update Part 1

It has come to my knowledge that someone in the old group has been passing rumours to the 'big boss' that the CG in this area had been left in a bad state and there was no improvements made. I find this accusation so ridiculous and that the big boss actually believed the rumours.

Presently the CG may not be the best in the estate nor is it ready to win any competition yet cos' we've been left to pick up the pieces after the old group left the garden management to the new group for the last seven months. I came into the CG seeing lots of empty brown plots and an over run medicinal plants growing in three planter beds.
The proof is here in this link ....

So a report card is in order here in the pics below. Here is the view of the edible garden section.
The view is taken this morning from the third floor of the block of flats next to it.

I would definitely say the garden is lush now but improvements can still be made. We have many plants flowering and fruiting. There are also newly planted vegetable seedlings. There are some plants in transplantation shock at the moment as we've moved them to an area more suitable for them to grow. We are also fighting pests in an organic way. We've got a group of elderly ladies who come into the garden almost everyday and even during the weekends to water ,weed , fertilise and plant. We've had visitors who come to the garden feeling very happy cos' they see the blooming Mirabilis which greet them with a sweet fragrance when they come through the garden gate and always leave with some seeds or plantlets or even harvests.

The new group here works in harmony with one another. We do not sabotage the work of another fellow gardener. Fellow gardeners help one another to fight pests, water and weed together. We may have our differences but we always try to resolve problems in an amicable way.

So you tell me now if this CG is in disarray, worse from the last time when we first took over?
Even if this is the 'demons' excuse to take over management of the CG, how could someone believe blatant lies of others without even checking first hand? HAIZ! Blatant politicking in place and I'm caught in the middle. I just wanna plant my plants peacefully and be happy giving away and sharing my harvests and plants with like minded people.

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