Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roses in the CG

I had always thought that it was difficult to grow roses in Singapore. I had spent sometime in my childhood watching an uncle of mine trying to grow roses in his planter beds in a terrace house. Roses bought during those years were not cheap and I heard that he was willing to pay $50 for a pot of rose. I remember he bought many pots and than planted them into his planter beds and they all died a slow death.

Then I read about a GCS member being able to grow roses at her balcony and then another member was growing them in her office garden in pots. And gosh the roses shown during the sharing session on the forum when the members visited nurseries .... Wow!
I just got inspired and was willing to try my hands at growing them.

I read up a blog on growing roses from a rose expert. This was to get my potting mix as close to a well drained soil as possible. Then I got cuttings from a forum friend who grew roses .... and then .... wala .....
Here are the pics .....

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ROUGH.ROSA said...

Very inspiring! Too much misconceptions are given to roses that we almost believe that roses are hard to grow. With that kind of wild-spread belief, many stop at even trying to grow one.

It is great that you have proved the otherwise. How surprise we are knowing that many have done it successfully too. I hope roses flourish in your garden and you'll be greeted by their beauty always.