Friday, May 21, 2010

Flowering Longan Tree

I have been wondering for the longest time how to get the tree to flower and fruit. There was a thread on GCS on getting fruit trees to flower and some of the suggestions were pretty hilarious.

About a month back I found the tree sort of messy and just trimmed off some branches and leaves. I just poured some garbage enzyme around the ground where the stem grows. With the rains recently, I happened to check on the tree again and realized that it has flowers. Oh ... such happiness and I realized that I don't need to wait for the tree to grow two stories high before I can get flowers and then fruits. On examining the leaves of the tree .... I think it looks like the Ping Pong Longan Tree ..... which means this tree is going to give the CG lots of fruits throughout the year .... Oh such happiness again!

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