Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artemisa sp. (Wormwood)

My neighbour bought this plant as a baby from one of the plant nurseries and the sales person told her that it was a Dill plant. After a year of growth .... when I first saw it ... it was taller than 1.52 meters. A Dill plant doesn't grow so tall .... it may reach a maximum height of maybe 60 cm at the most. This is what most plant experts call the false dill .... the plant scientific name called Artemisia species ( Artemisia californica). I also noticed that the plant is situated in the middle of the planting bed and somehow the plants growing on either side of it die after a while.

At this time the plant produced numerous white little flowers which seem to float in the air when disturbed. Knowing that whenever a plant flowers, it is a signal that it may die. So I trimmed the bush down to half it's original height, cutting away all the flowering parts. I'm wondering whether I should relocate this plant to a corner of the planting bed instead of letting it continue to grow in the centre.

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