Friday, January 16, 2009

Update on various plants

The mirabilis jalapa (4 o'clock plant) is growing bushier by the day and flowering too. When I planted it there was supposed to be two varieties ....the pink flowers and yellow ones. Now I only see the pink variety flowering.
My friend MS planted the red Spanish spinach and it is climbing on the fence pretty well. I wonder when will our first harvest be. It seem to be growing so slowly. Maybe it's better growing them on the ground.
Dnn from donated 2 kinds of ginger plant to the CG and also the Neem plant.
When I transplanted the gingers into the CG, I accidently decapitated the leaf off the yellow ginger and left the rhizome there. I think it didn't grow anymore after that. As for the blue ginger, it seems to be growing very slowly too ... it's grown in full sun. Now I wonder if I had planted it in the wrong part of the garden. I read that gingers are usually shade loving plants.
Now I have to consider transplanting it under the passionfruit cover where it's more shady.

The Neem plant is growing pretty well and it's getting bushier too.

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