Saturday, November 22, 2008

You want to do gardening ?

That's what my 10th floor neighbour asked me last week. I've never really gardened before cos' all my life I've lived in HDB flats and maybe the only gardening I did was to grow a few Money plants and some green onions some years ago in my flat. I gave them up after I discovered mosquito larvae were breeding in the money plant pots and insects attacked the green onions I planted in my mini terrarium.

The community garden (CG) needed help desperately as they were trying to rescue a badly overrun medicinal herb garden. The herbs were planted organically to help cancer patients using alternative medicine to help them during their chemotherapy. The organiser was reorganising the way the CG was run as a TROLL had apparently visited it ... pulled out many of the plants and signages that were done sometime back.

I've seen this garden grow cos' I usually look at it when I pass by as I return home walking from the bus stop. It was lush some months back and I've seen a couple of people working in it. Now with many plots empty without plants and plans and overrun herbs .... I can't help feeling sad for the many trials it had endured. I can only try my best to see what can be done and hence the birth of this blog ...Gardening Dream Inspire.

Let the pics do the talking ....

The CG looks pretty bare now except for the medicinal herb section and my neighbour has been desperately trying to plant as much as she can. I heard that tomorrow the Minister will be here to plant a tree.
Plans for the garden .... (roughly from what I understand) The garden to have ....

Vegetable garden area
Culinary herb garden area
Medicinal herb garden area
Flowering garden area
Fruit Trees garden area

Big plans to have but so few helping hands .... I would appreciate it if I can have some positive suggestions from those who have experience in helping in CGs ....
Meanwhile I will try to identify plants, make signages, source for ideas on how to plant seeds and cuttings successfully, weed, water, pack seeds to exchange for plants etc, etc ....
I believe my days are really going to be filled .... :-)

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A1 Chandigarh said...

I love all the different colours and shapes – the Artemesia is really lovely – I just love mine too. Maybe leave it in its own pot. I have two in barrels and they do well – a bit overgrown, but I remember that they can’t just be planted into your garden because their roots can be toxic to other plants. Must do some research on that.Ahemdabad Flowers