Sunday, November 23, 2008

Citronella Plants for repelling mosquitoes.

There have been dengue cases around this area in Hougang and so I'm apprehensive when working in the garden. The future plan of this garden is to allow the children at the childcare centre to visit the garden and also to have a go at gardening. I'm thinking how to keep mosquitoes at bay. I came across the idea of planting Citronella plants to help repel mosquitoes and so went on to search for answers regarding the effectiveness of having these plants in the garden. Knowing that Green Culture has a forum board, I posted my question .... the link is here ... Citronelle to keep mosquitoes away.

Members from the board have been so kind and patient to help me answer the question .... though the effectiveness of the plant in the garden didn't seem too positive but I'm not giving up!

So far I understand ..... Pelargonium citronella (also know as the Mosquito plant) has some effects provided the plant must be shaken by the winds to distribute the citronelle fragrance and also a plant that looks like the lemon grass .... Citronella also know as Cymbopogon nardus.

Here are the pics of the two plants .....

This is the Cymbopogon nardus .... looking like lemon grass. Photo contributed by Dnn from Green Culture.

This is the Pelargonium citronella also know as Mosquito Plant.

Once I get hold of the plants, I'll show you where I planted them LOL

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to your blog, I knew the difference between ¨Pelargonium citronella and Cymbopogon nardus, also known as Citronella... But I still have a doubt: are the properties and uses of both plants are the same? I have a beautiful Pelargonium in my home, but I don't know its botanical uses (besides repelling mosquitoes). Thank you very much.