Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bee Invasion

My ds J was helping me to loosen the soil at the garden bed near the Loofa Creeper when suddenly he shouted at me .... "Mom , why so many insects ?" I turned around and realised that they were small honey bees hovering around his head and then he got stung on his finger while trying to brush the bees away from his head. He then quickly moved away from the area.
I supposed his movements of raking the soil with the changkul must have alarmed the bees cos' he was doing it quite near the hive area. Thank God that he is alright .... the tiny swelling lasted for a while and then the swelling went down.

I understand that bees are important pollinators of flowers for fruits to form. There must be lots of flowers around the area which resulted in the bees making their hive there. On checking the GCS forum about these bees, I realised that these bees will move house eventually to another area and there may be a couple more of such hives in a big garden. We may even find honeycombs which are usually left behind when the bees relocate. Only if the hives get too big
then we will call in the exterminator.

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