Monday, May 13, 2013

It's time to say good bye ........

More than half a year ago I injured my elbows while doing some heavy work in the community garden.
Consulted the family doctor and realized that I had contracted 'tennis elbow'. The pain on both elbows could not go away as long as I worked out the heavy loads in the garden . Even carrying plastic bags of my groceries became a pain in both elbows. So the final decision has to be made ..... everyone in the family advised me not to work in  the garden anymore as my daily family activities became affected by the constant pain.

Working in the garden had given me great joy as well as pain. So I find it's time to let go ..... let a new group of people take care and continue the good works in the garden. I will stop all postings here as I have no more community garden to take care.

Thank-you to those who have been following this blog. Please pardon me when I have no reply to your comments.

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