Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Secret Garden in Utama KL

During the recent June holidays, the three of us made a visit to the Secret Garden. My first impression ..... wow .... the plants are growing huge and lush but why no one trimmed them... LOL
Venturing further into the garden .... I realised many parts of the garden sort of needed attention. It's a big garden on the roof top of One Utama ..... serene and tranquil and when we were there a handful of visitors were also exploring the place. I am sure the garden has seen better days cos' I 've seen photos of the garden my friends posted in the GCS forum 2 years ago. Plants die off and maintenance and weeding is a perpetual chore . Still there are pockets in the garden that have lovely blooms and can be quite enchanting when seen at a certain angle. Below are the memories I have of the Secret Garden .....

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Stephanie said...

Despite the fact you still somehow manage to get some good shots ;-D Btw the 1 Utama Shopping Centre is at Petaling Jaya LOL... Hope the shopping was good for you :-D