Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hibiscus Patch

Xinmin students have adopted the Hibiscus Patch. The students come to visit the CG and render help to the hibiscus patch. They help by doing the weeding and watering at the patch. Usually they will pull away the grass that grows near the tires and get rid of stray weeds that get into the planters. Once I got them to fertilize the plants using the garbage enzyme solution and they were wriggling their noses as they watered the leaves ... LOL. They are really helpful and I can see the joy in them when they are doing these activities. I am sure they don't weed and water at home in their apartments. The patch is growing well and have blooms quite frequently.


TXY said...


I was an ex-XMS student. Glad to finally know who is helping to take care of the garden patch behind XMS :]

Bilboy said...


The orange one is clearly Hibiscus 'El Capitolio Orange Sport', the white one is not so easy to identify, there are some plants very similar, you have to compare these hybrids: Hibiscus Ibiza, Hibiscus Cairo White, Hibiscus White Versicolor...
Have a look at my huge Hibiscus here: