Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TIFE Pt.7 Bonsai at Pavilion of Regimen Gate 4

Although I am not a Bonsai Fan, I queued to enter this garden to see the medicinal herbs that grew together with the bonsai displays. I am impressed with they way the bonsai plants were displayed. There is a long history about the bonsais there and the age ranges from 60 years old bonsai trees to a 300 years old bonsai tree. No one was allowed to take a photo of the three hundred year old Bonsai Tree.It was kept in the main display area and there was a guide stationed there to explain it's form.
it was a huge and beautiful Bonsai Tree.

Below are the pics taken in the bonsai garden where the supposedly less impressive specimens are left to grow in their time. The pots of bonsai take turns to bask in the sun throughout the year. Noticed I never mentioned anything about the herbs growing in the garden ? Well when herbs are grown next to a majestic bonsai plant .... what would you be impressed with ?... LOL

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