Saturday, December 4, 2010


On my first visit on a Saturday morning at the expo, many people were forming a very long queue to get into this ECOARK. My estimate was that the last person in the queue had to wait at leat 60 mins. to get to the entrance. So we changed plans and returned the next day in the evening at about 8pm and the queue was much shorter. Still we had to wait for 20 minutes before we could enter the ark. So here is an entire building which had the outer walls made out of pet bottles.

Below .... the hype of the pet bottled walls lite up using LED lightings and the walls can change colors. It is a pretty sight seeing the colors alternate between blue and white lights.

The inside had these bamboo poles constructed to form barriers next to the pet bottled walls.

As it was Fashion Week ..... the displays had these themes and I saw three get ups put on mannequinns , all made from recycled material. They were showy pieces but what left me wondering was that they were placed somewhere away from the centre of attraction. They should have been put together with the attractions on the first floor and there should have been more pieces to show off the creativity of the Taiwanese Fashion Designers using recyclable material. I felt let down by the displays on the first floor .... put together by Vogue magazine using multimedia .... haiz!

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