Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Friend's CG

I had an opportunity to visit a friend's CG in Sengkang and it is really beautiful. One can only say that you can never find another one quite like it. Let me have the pics do the talking.


Anonymous said...

i agree! v nice cg indeed. what plants are u thinking of planting for the new staircase?

J.C. said...

What a nice garden to walk through! I wish we have community garden here too.

My neighbours and I recently grew some plants in the hilly park across my old place. Hope it would transform into a garden as beautiful as this.

Vanadis said...

OMG!!! This is so beautiful, and so appropriate for this site, as it is certainly inspiring me.

I was just wondering though, the orchids in the tree (1st pic) and the hanging orchids (3rd pic), are they planted in hollowed out coconut husks? Or are they pots that just look like coconuts?