Friday, April 23, 2010

Melon Fence

I have torn down the two planter stands to make this melon fence possible. I am growing melons from the seeds given to me by a kind forumer after reading his post about his melon fence.
The idea is to use the fence as a trellis to support the growing melons since this area has got quite a bit of the morning sun.

The seedlings below are the Xiang Gua melons and they produce a lovely oblong, yellow melon if I manage to grow them to fruitation.

See, the male flowers have been spotted. Now to wait patiently for the female flowers to appear.
Exciting times ahead .... if they survive the snail attack.

Here's the planter with the Taiwanese Mini Melon seedlings and the last three of my bowl gourd seedlings. The seedlings here had to battle the snails as I was less vigilant here. So maybe got to germinate seedlings again .... haiz!

My one and only Bowl Gourd seedling left.

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