Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coleus Update 1

An update on the coleus cuttings I received from Abby's Office Garden. Initially the cuttings were planted on the ground and they were doing very well in the sun. Then came news that Town Council will be building the drainage area along the area where I planted them. So now you see them in pots but they still look pretty. Got to regularly deflower the flower growing tips to make them last longer in their pots.
Once the drainage area is up, I will be using them to landscape the area. Hopefully they will survive till then.


And the plant here below is not coleus but it is growing very well too. This is also from the Office Garden.


Savvy Mummy said...

where is your community garden? i am back in spore and would like to visit. mum's living in hougang.

Chawanmushi said...

Didn't see this until today. You still here in Singapore? Welcome back. Come visit the CG on weekdays in the evening about 5.30 pm I'm usually there except if it rains.
Let me know. You can email me.

J.C. said...

These Coleus leaves are beautiful.